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“l can basically go to Traction Academy for anything I have issues with – sales demos, scripts, pay plans for reps, where to hire reps, how to hire reps, how to train reps. Definitely hit these guys up, they know what they’re doing and they will take your company to the next level, 100%.”


Floori.ai saw a +3x MRR increase within their first month of Traction Academy. Additionally, they grew their Sales team and expanded their sales to various countries. This was done through their rapid and flexible implementation of solutions and deliverables created during their Traction Academy Mentor hours primarily.

The Challenge:

Yousef didn’t have the sales experience he felt he needed as the Head of Sales for his startup. He felt disadvantaged and wished he had worked at another SaaS sales organization before starting his company, in order to get that experience. He felt like there was a lot of sales education he had missed out on and that he was constantly depending on mentors and advisors to help fill in gaps, all while trying to run his company.

The Solution:

Traction Academy has allowed Yousef to gain confidence as Floori.ai’s Head of Sales. He now has the Academy’s team, content, and deliverables to support him as he works through the challenges of running a Sales team. Yousef will often bring a challenge or quandary to the Academy’s team, and walk away with a set of tools and knowledge that he can implement with his sales team. That has been, help training his team on demo calls, sales deck reviews, working through rebuttals and pricing review for his current offering.

The Success:

Just one month into his time with Traction Academy, the results for Yousef and Floori.io have been clear. 1. A more than 3x increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue. 2. Switching from selling monthly plans to selling annual plans at a significantly higher ticket price. 3. Hiring and training additional Sales representatives targeting multiple countries as part of their expansion.

Who Is This For

We work with winners. Those who join Traction Academy have the expectation that they’ll succeed and are willing to commit to our academy and take our advice. We have decades of experience scaling companies and those who come into our program with an open mind are the ones who graduate from our academy with the best results. We work best with companies who are at pre-seed funding or those who’ve found some product-market fit, but don’t know how to scale faster than their current growth rate. If you’re the type of entrepreneurs who shows up to every meeting, takes immediate action on professional advice, and never makes excuses, then we want you to apply to our academy.

Program Overview

Modular Content

Online Curriculum separated into  4 Fundamental tracks covering everything from Press Release Best Practices to Copywriting and Sales Deck creation.

Personalized Playbook

Receive a done-for you, personalized playbook covering everything from Lead Generation to Hiring and Growing your team, complete with hand-crafted Cold Email templates and more.

Mentors & Office Hours

Our Mentors represent the top 3% of entrepreneurs – IPOs, millions raised, M & A – they’ve done it all. With our office hours, you will get another opportunity to jump on a call with our team 2x/month.


Access to the Sofos marketing automation service will allow you to test and validate your market reach while putting leads in your pipeline.


How, together, we will build a scalable sales process in 2 months.

Foundational Sales

Persona Refinement
Collateral Build Out
Pricing Refinement

Opportunity Creation

Lead Generation Best Practices
Sales Messaging Refinement
Marketing Best Practices
CRM Build Out


Call Script Build Out For:
Demo Call Script
Closing Call Script
Rebuttals Training

Grow Your Business

Building Scalable Systems
Sales Management Training
Hiring the Right People


8+ hours of 1-1 Mentor Hours

Mentor hours will focus on specific parts of your personalized playbook, but can also be reactive to meet the needs of your business.

4 Hours of Office Hours

Hop into bi-monthly office hours with our mentors and with entrepreneurs solving similar challenges to you, from diverse backgrounds.

Slack Access

Get access to our shared Slack so you can reach our mentors anytime with any questions or challenges you're facing in the moment.

Custom LinkedIn Outreach

Get thousands of new prospects engaged through LinkedIn. Add them to your network to become a thought-leader and close more deals.

Personalized Sales Playbook

Get a personal playbook with deliverable resources such as Sales Decks, Closing Call Scripts, Persona & Messaging refinement, and best practices for all things Sales and Marketing.

Cold Outreach Campaigns

Receive hand-crafted Email, LinkedIn and Calling scripts and often times, lead lists, to get your outreach started.


Our 300+ mentors come from some of the most successful companies in the world – here are a few you might know.


“It’s been the most valuable thing that we’ve done over the last 12 months, I definitely encourage everybody to try this”
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Founder & CEO, Lola&Lykke
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